Car Accident Lawyer Philadelphia

Car accidents can happen to just about anybody. Even the most cautious of drivers may be caught up in a car accident that was not their own fault. In these cases it’s advisable to hire an experienced Lawyer to help settle your case.

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Motorcycle Accidents

Car Accident Lawyer Philadelphia

Motorcyclists are not exactly the public’s most respected road users, however accidents involving motorcycles often result in serious injuries and hospitalization due to the lack of safety features that a car has built in.

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Bus Accident Lawyer Philadelphia

Bus accidents are fortunately relatively rare. However, from time to time a school bus accident hits the headlines and any school bus accident can have tragic consequences because there can be so many young people involved.

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Truck Accidents

One of the most devastating accidents that can take place on our highways is an accident between a smaller vehicle and an 18 wheeler. these drivers often only have their destination in mind and not other road users.

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Driving through Philadelphia can be a fun and enjoyable experience, especially driving down stretches of I-95 or along the Delaware River. However, it can also be a dangerous experience when accidents occur. As with many big cities, there are many areas that are prone to accidents due to the high volume of traffic, such as Roosevelt Boulevard or the Spring Garden Tunnel. The truth is that accidents can happen to anyone, anywhere, and at any time. Although some accidents are relatively minor, many are dangerous and can result in injuries or even death. If you or a loved one are hurt or killed in a car accident, you may need to contact a Philadelphia car accident lawyer.

In Philadelphia, car accidents occur quite frequently. In 2011, Philadelphia experienced 83 fatal car accidents, and in 2012, there were over 11,000 traffic accidents in Philadelphia, making up 9.1% of all the traffic accidents reported in Pennsylvania. Furthermore, in 2012 in Pennsylvania, almost 88,000 people were injured in car accidents and over 1,300 people were killed as a result of car accidents. These deaths included pedestrians, bicyclists, and other motorists hit by other vehicles. Many of these accidents involved drunk or negligent drivers.

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Depending on the severity of the accident, victims can experience a wide range of injuries that can be relatively minor, moderate, severe, or even life-threatening. Some of the most common injuries from auto accidents are the more minor injuries that, although not severe, can still be very painful. Injuries like soft tissue damage, whiplash, bruises, cuts and scrapes, and sprains or fractures occur often after car accidents and can cause pain and discomfort.

But more severe injuries can also result from auto accidents. These injuries can include spinal cord damage, brain and head injuries, broken bones, burns, and even injuries that result in the death of the victim.

If this happens to you or someone you love, you may need to call an auto accident attorney. Our attorneys can help make sure that you do not suffer financially in the aftermath of your accident.

Why Choose Us as Your Car Accident Lawyers in Philadelphia ?

Accident victims are often able to receive compensation for their injuries and for the car damage experienced as a result of the accident. This compensation is paid out by the insurance companies of the individuals involved in the accident, and it is often tempting to negotiate with the insurance companies immediately after the accident. However, insurance companies often do not pay out everything that accident victims are owed, usually only paying out the bare minimum that they can to the victim. This is where an accident lawyer comes in. Our lawyers will work with you on your case and will negotiate with the insurance companies to make sure that you receive all of the compensation that you are owed by the insurance companies.

Even aside from the costs of the hospital, any medical procedures, physical therapy, or funeral costs, car repairs can be expensive as well. Repairing structural members of the car can cost hundreds of dollars, and even getting a new paint job can cost $250 and up. And anyone who has replaced a tire knows how costly new tires can be: often, they cost around $100 per tire. These expenses can be detrimental to your finances, especially if you have been unable to work after the accident due to your injuries and thus have not been earning the income you need to pay these expenses alongside your regular bills. When you add it all up, car accidents can be expensive and can hurt your financial health and cause undue stress on you and your family.

If you are in an accident, it may seem like the best option is to talk about the incident with the other driver or with the insurance company of the other driver. However, in the case of an accident in which you are the victim, it is wisest to avoid speaking to the other driver or their insurance company until you speak with a Car Accident Attorney in Philadelphia. If you sign anything with the other insurance company or take a settlement without investigating the facts of the accident and the details of the insurance claim, you might not receive the full amount of money that you are owed as a victim. At that stage, the best thing to do is to take pictures and detailed records of the crash to demonstrate the damage to your vehicle, or if you are injured, make sure to have someone else record the car’s damage. Furthermore, even if you think you were not hurt in the accident, it is always best to have a doctor perform a physical to make sure there are not any hidden injuries. If your doctor does discover something, make sure that he or she carefully records any accident-related injuries.

Not only are these injuries painful, inconvenient, and sometimes long-lasting and debilitating, but they are also often extremely expensive. For an adult, a visit to the emergency room can cost up to $700 per visit, and hospital stays, including stays involving time in intensive care, can even cost over one thousand dollars for one day. Depending on the service, physical therapy can often cost between $100 and $300 per session, not including the initial assessment. Surgeries are also additional expenses, many procedures costing thousands of dollars even if you already have health insurance. If you or your loved one passes away from his or her injuries, the average cost of a funeral today is around $15,000, including the memorial service and cemetery costs.

Motorcycle Accidents

Accidents involving bicycles and motorcycles can also be terrifying and dangerous. Furthermore, they often result in very serious injuries or fatalities, because neither bicycles nor motorcycles have any functional protection against collisions. In 2012 in Pennsylvania, for instance, over 1,300 bicyclists were injured and 16 were killed in collisions, which represented an increase since 2011. Similarly, almost 4,000 motorcyclists were injured in accidents and 210 were killed in Pennsylvania in 2012. These accidents usually occur because of driver negligence, when the driver of the vehicle is distracted by technology or is driving unsafely and consequently not following traffic laws. Driver negligence often results in collisions with bicycles and motorcycles because they are smaller and more difficult to see than other kinds of vehicles. If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in an accident involving any of these kinds of vehicles, our Philadelphia accident lawyers will make sure that you do not suffer financially as a result of your accident.

Truck Accidents

Although car accidents are by far the most common form of accident on Philadelphia roadways, there are other vehicles that can cause or be involved in accidents. Trucks and other commercial vehicles can also cause extremely dangerous accidents. In Pennsylvania in 2013, there were 156 deaths in truck accidents. Because trucks and other commercial vehicles are so much larger than other vehicles on the road or pedestrians, collisions with trucks or commercial vehicles can be very dangerous and often deadly. Our Philadelphia accident lawyers can assist you with your case if you or a loved one are injured in an accident involving a truck.

A accident lawyer can also assist with truck accident cases because trucks and commercial vehicles are often governed by specific laws, rules, and regulations that do not pertain to other vehicles on our roadways. Truck drivers and the drivers of other commercial vehicles must follow certain guidelines about safety protocol, maintenance of the vehicle, and driving regulations. Working with a truck accident attorney can help you understand these rules and regulations, as well as help determine liability (the person who is responsible for the accident), determine if the driver or the trucking company had followed appropriate safety protocol and regulations, and can help negotiate with the insurance companies of the trucking company or the commercial vehicle company to make sure that you get the settlement you deserve. Because these laws and regulations can be difficult to understand, and because the insurance companies often do not pay out everything that victims of trucking accidents deserve, it is worth your time to contact an accident lawyer.

Bus Accidents

Public transportation vehicles, such as buses, trolleys, and taxis, can also be involved in accidents on Philadelphia roads. These accidents can be particularly unsettling, because so many people use these forms of transportations every day, trusting that they will be a safe and reliable way to travel and commute on a daily basis. When there is an accident involving a form of public transportation, the victim of that accident is often entitled to compensation if the driver of the public transportation vehicle was behaving negligently or not following the rules or regulations that control the operation and maintenance of public transportation.

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After taking these initial steps, you should then call your Philadelphia car accident lawyer. Your attorney will analyze your case and your claim, negotiate with the insurance companies, and file a lawsuit if necessary. They will fight to make sure that you are not financially crippled after the accident and that you will receive the full compensation you deserve as a victim.

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